Does it matter if your one true love doesn’t spot you from across the room, but instead you were a calculated choice made by an algorithm?

Long gone are the days where one used to hide across the corridors just to have a glance at the cute girl one came across in the lift lobby. Couple of tabs in our Smartphones is more than enough to reveal a part of themselves to us. Online dating had big question marks when it arrived but now with Tinder reaching a download count of 100 Million in Android alone, I think we know where we stand.

The most obvious reaction to online dating is that people might present a version that’s unrealistic, But what seems to be revealed every time one of these studies comes out is that it looks to be the case that we reveal more about ourselves than we realize, maybe not as much in solicited surveys but in what we do. Someone’s likes on Facebook could be a better predictor of whether they would get along with someone than survey answers.

Companies could use insights from daters’ online behavior to catch red flags and prevent some people from joining in the first place. A good example would be Chancellorsville white nationalist rally in August, some dating services asked members to report white supremacists and banned them. But in the future, apps could identify sexists/racists/homophones by their social media activity and preemptively blacklist them from joining.

A human mind might able to understand person’s behavior by going through their posts, likes and comments but you would be mind boggled to know that a Machine would do one step better. An algorithm would have access to the differences between their behavior and a million other people’s. There are instincts that you have looking through someone’s feed that might be difficult to quantify, and there may be another dimension we don’t machine does… nonlinear combinations which aren’t easy to explain.

Dating apps are doing incredibly good given the limited data they have. It goes without saying that more data they receive better will they get at learning who we are, they’ll also get better at learning who we like without ever asking our preferences. As apps truly get better at learning who we like and who we are, they may render swiping, liking, and messaging obsolete. That’s the Power of AI.

Greater the number of attempts greater is the probability of reaching your goal be it for any human effort, that is just the Truth of Mathematics. Justin Long founder of the most famous dating application named Bernie said “Finding romantic partnership or sex or whatever you’re looking for is a pretty natural human thing, and so it’s normal we would look to whatever tools we have at our disposal. We have more availability. I think people won’t want to date someone for as long as they normally would have because of this increased accessibility. Is that a bad thing?”

Lastly, If you’re thinking of dating someone and it starts in a place of deception, that’s not an AI issue. That’s a social issue

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