Data Science / ML Team

Eklavya Sarkar

Interested in exploring and implementing cutting-edge deep learning and generative models to solve real-world problems for social good.

Isha Vartak

Repertoire includes machine learning applications in retail cosmetic and skincare industries. Inclined towards using machine learning and data science to create a social impact – particularly in the sectors of education, disability, healthcare and poverty.

Vidya Kurada

Solving complex business problems by using cutting edge ML techniques.

Aparna Biswas

Research interest in areas of ML applications in quick service restaurants, demand forecasting in epidemic diffusion, synthetic data generation.

Darshil Shah

Currently working on a publication which explains the Natural Language Processing applications in the Healthcare sector. Research interests include using machine learning and data science to understand theories of Decision Making and the nitty-gritties of the attention economy

Karan Patil

Finding innovative solutions to problems across multiple domains using advanced programming and machine learning techniques.

Sales & Marketing Team

Prakash Kumar

Managing sales and business development at aCubeIT

Shubhamraj Singh

Love experimenting with new digital trends and testing out new digital platforms for growth hacking.