Opinion mining is used to understand the positive/negative (polarity) as well as the strength (intensity) of the text. The opinions, evaluations, attitudes gathered from social media, company filings, analyst reports aid in staying ahead of the market and having an edge over others.  


The objective of the project is to give a hands-on experience of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the Participant. The participant will learn to apply ML-AI algorithms along with NLP, text analysis and predict the movements in the stock market.


Participants will research and gather publicly available options stock data from various sources. They will use algorithms such as Naive Bayes, Maximum Entropy Classifiers Decision Trees, Rule-Based Classification, Backtrader to predict when to buy? What to buy? How much to buy? and so on.


This project will help participants to have first-hand experience of ML and NLP in finance industry. Adding to it, it provides sufficient understanding of movements within the stock markets and helping make better predictions about where to invest your money.

Duration: 3-6 Months (Online – Offline, Instructor based)