One-Day Workshops

We provide one day extensive hands-on Workshop on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Corporate Customers and Working Professionals.


Introduction ML / AI Applications and Use Cases

Python for Data Science

  • Introduction to Python for Data Science
  • Basic Data Exploration using Python
  • Basic Data Munging in Python
  • Basic Feature Engineering

Basic Concepts of Machine Learning

  • Machine Learning Algorithms and Techniques
  • Python interfaces for Machine Learning

Guided Case Study

  • Walk-through of a sample ML Case-Study

Workshop Case Study

  • Participants to work on the case-study (in teams of 2-3)
  • Presentation of key analytics and ML solution

Duration: 8 Hours

  • This workshop is an instructor-led hands-on classroom session.


  • This course is primarily for 2-6 years experienced software developers seeking an intensive hands-on introduction to machine learning.


  • Case study, reference data sets and required software tools details will be shared in advance
  • Participants need to analyze the case study, download the datasets and tools before the start of the workshop
  • Laptop with Min 4 GB RAM and Internet connection

What do you get out of Workshop

  • Understand some industry-specific ML use-cases
  • Feature Selection and Feature Engineering
  • Understand types of learning
  • Model Selection
  • Overview of machine learning algorithms
  • Model Evaluation & Performance
  • How to explore data
  • What is Deep Learning
  • How to fix data related issues
  • Basics of Deep Learning