Corporate Workshops

ML Gym

We welcome your data scientists for a for a full workout in our ML Gym. In this half-day workshop we will engage your data science team members in reasoning exercises using ML case-lets. It is designed to keep your team’s data science skills in shape!

Managing an ML Project: For project managers & mid-level project / team leads.

This workshop is targeted at Project Managers & Team Leads, and focuses on the development of skills required to successfully deliver ML projects. It covers all phases of such projects to ensure mid-level managers are well-prepared to deal with the challenges, provide guidance to their teams, and manage customer expectations with confidence. 

NLP In Healthcare / Bio-Sciences

This workshop will equip professionals to understand the potential uses for natural language processing (NLP) in the healthcare domains. It will cover basic techniques and concepts associated with NLP and explain how to extract valuable information from clinical records and texts.