Advanced Certificate in Machine Learning

This course is primarily for students & experienced IT professionals seeking formal qualifications in data science, machine learning and big data. This course will prepare you for careers as data scientists, data analysts, and big data engineers.

  1. Introduction to Python for Data Science
  2. Algorithms & problem-solving techniques using Python
  3. Mathematics for Data Science
  4. Data Exploration using Python
  5. Data Munging in Python
  6. Developing Machine Learning applications
  7. Introduction to cloud engineering
  8. Architecting Big Data Applications
  9. Developing streaming applications using Spark
Course Description:

Pedagogy: A case study based approach with real-life public datasets. The course will have 70-80% hands-on content with class work, homework assignments, and a capstone project.

Duration: 5 months Instructor led weekend classes (4 months of coursework + 1 month mentored project)

Start Date: July 15, 2018

Fee: Rs. 2,25,000+ 18% GST

Pre-requisites: This course assumes prior exposure to programming as a part of your work experience or as a college-level programming course. We will cover Python programming from basics so no prior exposure to Python is required or expected.

Laptop: Students need to bring Suitable Linux (8 GB) laptops for Course work.