aCubeIT is an AI research company that focuses on research, teaching, and consulting activities. 

More specifically, we provide the following list of products & services:


1.  We create deeply researched blogs, whitepapers, and business use cases aligned to customers’ products and services. Such services are typically used by our customers to generate interest and business leads for their products & services.
2. Publications: We publish books and papers based on our research for direct sale to our customers. Typically, such customers are seeking a more nuanced coverage of contemporary topics in AI / ML (as applied to their specific industry/domains).
3. We also provide well-researched solutions/code to specific problems faced by our customers on their AI / ML projects.


1. For Corporate Customers: We offer short-duration workshops that are specifically targeted at building core ML skills / ML teams in their organizations. Please see the details on our ML Gym and other corporate programs.
2. Educational Institutions: We offer affordably priced workshops and certificate programs to students in Engineering, Social Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences & Business Management degree programs.

Consulting Services

We can provide end-to-end consulting services or augment your in-house teams on ML projects.

Contact Us

Prakash Kumar (CEO & Co-Founder at aCubeIT)

+91 9892512129

Ackruti Trade Center, 6th Floor, 91 Springboard, M.I.D.C, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093